About Us

We began our journey as a trading company during the mid-1980s. Initially we operated as sole agents from top manufacturers around the world and specialized in importing quality footwear and footwear materials.

With changes overtime and to meet consumer demands and requirement for innovation, we have developed state of the art manufacturing plants in Bangladesh to produce EVA, footwear accessories, adhesives and complete footwear to fulfil B2B and B2C requirements.

By focusing on our business ethics and prioritizing clients need, we have diversified and successfully expanded into various business concerns. We have established hospitality service, events, Food & Beverage and other retail and wholesale businesses in addition to our manufacturing business.

Over the years Unisoft has achieved goodwill through promising quality products to consumers, businesses and other manufacturers in the industry. Currently Unisoft is a well reputed brand among local retailers, corporate businesses, footwear industry as well as individual consumers. We also embrace our responsibility towards the community through social initiatives.